Monday, October 31, 2005

Oh, no, HE'S BACK!!

The latest is that HE'S BACK! Last night I looked out the window before going out with the terriers for "last pee's and wee's and night-night treats" (always have to, given the number of predators I live with here) and THERE HE WAS, CHOWING DOWN IN MY GARDEN!

Enough already! This is not a porcupine hotel, motel, or Royal Fork restaurant!

Now he knows where he thinks he lives so as I run out (with terriers locked up) with a pole to make him ball up so I can catch him, and garbage can in hand. He races (didn't know they could go that fast) under the shed. So back we are, my wife and I, with the same eviction routine with the fully-extended window washing pole and rake. Fortunately after not too much effort the silly creature runs out from under the shed right into the garbage can that's lying on its side waiting for him.

Now this time it's off to the thousands of acres of state park up a long twisting road about five miles away. "Find yourself somebody else to freeload off of!" he's told.

It's "three strikes and you're out" around here. Next time he gets shot. My wife says porcupine belly is good eating.

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