Monday, September 17, 2007

Real Estate on Daily News Sunday Page 1

Sunday's Anchorage Daily News (Sept 16) featured a front page real estate story:

"Shift in housing market, Higher-priced homes are being slashed, but less costly are few," it headlined. It ran prominently on page 1 and jumped to fill most of the back page of Section A.

The day after the story ran, the on-line edition of was listing the story as "most e-mailed". The Daily News provides a comment link on its stories; these appear at the end of the on-line edition of the story.

This link will take you there:

Reporter Elizabeth Bluemink (crediting me with some statistical assistance) describes the current market and shows how Anchorage's more active years of this decade have slowed to a pace that feels more like the "normal market" years of the 1990's.

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