Monday, September 17, 2007

Real Estate on Daily News Sunday Page 1

Sunday's Anchorage Daily News (Sept 16) featured a front page real estate story:

"Shift in housing market, Higher-priced homes are being slashed, but less costly are few," it headlined. It ran prominently on page 1 and jumped to fill most of the back page of Section A.

The day after the story ran, the on-line edition of was listing the story as "most e-mailed". The Daily News provides a comment link on its stories; these appear at the end of the on-line edition of the story.

This link will take you there:

Reporter Elizabeth Bluemink (crediting me with some statistical assistance) describes the current market and shows how Anchorage's more active years of this decade have slowed to a pace that feels more like the "normal market" years of the 1990's.

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Parentalcation said...

What percentage of Anchorage houses sold in the last few years were bought with ARM's?

I think the national slump is going to affect even Anchorage. In todays global market, real estate is no longer truly just "local".

The market might not crash as far as the lower 8, but crash it will.

Because of the bases, there is always going to be a significant number of people needing to sell, unable to ride it out.

These listings along with the credit crunch, foreclosures, and the inevitable gloom and doom articles will all converge to affect prices.

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