Thursday, November 03, 2005

Anchorage at 90

"Changing Fast, with More to Come" is the title of a terrific report from the University of Alaska Institute for Social and Economic Research. I've noticed a revitalization of this research arm at the university since Fran Ulmer recently took over after her unsuccessful run for Governor.

The report looks closely at the 1990 census data and extracts a profile of the city and its changing demographic profile. Its conclusion begins:

"Anchorage at 90 looks surprisingly like other U.S. cities, given how recently it was still a frontier town. It has an aging white population, a young and diverse minority population, and a growing number of residents over 65. Many of its minorities, single mothers, and older people living alone are clustered at or near poverty levels. Fast growth in housing prices is prompting many residents, especially families, to move outside the core city and creating a burgeoning commuter population."

Download the full report from the link in the first paragraph.

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